Sports classes for KIDS. Ages 1.5-12.

5 Things Your Child Should Bring To Class This Season

1) Reusable Water Bottle


It going to be hot out there! Make sure to send them with a reusable water bottle so that they can stay hydrated AND save the planet. Please don’t send them with a sugar filled drink like Gatorade or Powerade, they don’t need any more sugar in their diet.

2) Proper Athletic Shoes


While they might love wearing their favorite cowboy boots (I sure did) or jelly shoes (do kids still wear those) sports is a time for sneakers AND SOCKS.


3) Sweat Proof Sunscreen


Keep your kids skin safe with some sweat proof sunscreen. Please make sure to have it on before the start of class.


4) Shorts


Come on it’s hot out, don’t make your kids wear long pants!


5) Just For Kids jersey


Every kid who registers will be getting a NEW Just For Kids jersey. Try your best to bring your child wearing their jersey.


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