Sports classes for KIDS. Ages 1.5-12.

Meet Coach Andrea


Name: Andrea (Dre) Leano

Hometown: San Diego, CA

What was your favorite sport (as a kid)? My favorite sport when I was a kid was soccer, and still is!

Who is your favorite superhero? Wonder Woman

What is your favorite movie about sports? Hands down all the “Rocky” movies and the movie “Goal”, as well.

What is your favorite sport quote? “Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t want to work hard”

What one word describes you? Passionate

Who inspired you as a young athlete? Truly, my sister, and my brother! I grew up watching my sister play soccer and my brother play about five different sports. They were hard on me, but it inspired me to get better at my craft.

Who was your favorite coach and why? My Olympic Development Program Coach, John. Back in his younger days, he played for Celtic FC in Scotland. He was so knowledgeable about the game and extremely inspiring. He was someone you wanted to play for, his passion for the game was so contagious, and a he was a coach that cared about every individual.

What do you like about coaching? What I like about coaching is the ability to share my craft, my knowledge, my passion about the sport. Sports taught me so much, and I hope someone can have as great of an experience I had. But, what I love about coaching is when your player finally gets something that they have been working on, or when it all just clicks for them. For soccer, it can be a certain run or play, or even a certain move! Seeing that happen as a coach is such great feeling.

What are 3 reasons you like being part of a team or playing a sport? You get to learn how to work with people and how to bring out the best in them and your playing for something bigger than yourself.

Do you think playing sports helps to make you a better person? Absolutely! I have learned so much about people and how to work with them and how to be patient.

Did you ever feel nervous before a game? Oh, but of course! It’s natural.

What age were you when you started your sport? Well truly, ever since I could walk around and hangout with my brother. We would always be playing soccer out back, and we would have tournaments when my cousins would come over to our house! But it wasn’t until I was 8 years old when I got on my first traveling team. It all went up from there.

How does athletics make you a better student or worker? I learned how to manage my time and set my priorities straight.

What classes do you coach at Just For Kids? I coach the soccer classes at Just For Kids!